Grace Marketplace

Need for Affordable Housing

"There is no shortage of housing in the community; rather, the housing that is available is not affordable to people who work and live here. More than 10,800 housing units sit empty in the county; City officials project an additional 4,000 units will come online by the end of 2008."

Grace Housing Trust

Every community has a different set of affordable housing needs and priorities. Housing trust funds provide a secure and flexible way to fund needed housing. For many developers, building affordable units without some type of low-interest loan or grant is not financially feasible. The GRACE Housing Trust has the potential to bring safe, decent and affordable home within reach of all local residents.

"In all, by 2009 there will be nearly 11 empty housing units for every homeless man, woman and child in Alachua County."


The Jail is not a House

This year marks the third in a row that the Alachua County Jail housed more homeless individuals during the survey (115) than any single homeless housing program.